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The neurosurgery department is the key discipline in SIAN. The department has a complete professional staff.

Treatment Features
Intracranial: Microsurgical resection of each parts of the glioma and meningeoma; resecting pituitary adenoma by microsurgery through endonasal transsphenoidal approach; microsurgical resection of pituitary adenoma via subfrontal approach or pterion approach; microsurgical resection of CPA myelin sheath and cholesteatoma; microsurgical resection of cavernous hemangioma, cerebellar medulloblastoma, angioreticuloma; microsurgical decompression of arteriovenous malformation; clearance of spontaneous intracerebral hematoma by operation of opening cranium; trepanation and drainage of spontaneous intracerebral hematoma; ventriculoperitoneal shunt...[Detail]

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